Top 4 Reasons why Airbnb Hosts Should Install an EV Charger

Why AirBnB hosts should install an EV charger

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It’s no secret that Electric vehicles have rapidly grown in popularity since their introduction to the market. In 2020, global sales of electric cars rose by 43%. Such is the demand increasing for EVs that Biden passed a bill with $5b allocated to infrastructure for Electric vehicles.

The increased prevalence of EVs has led to a growing demand for charging stations both on the road and at home. The use of these has increased so much that Airbnb has recently added an “EV Charger” option to their amenity list. Alongside things like “hot tub,” “washer/dryer,” and other essentials is the requirement of a charging station for travelers.

Hospitality is all about anticipating the needs of your guests and meeting them. It only makes sense that customers would have to recharge after reaching their destination. Meeting that need now will set many apart from their competition at this stage.

Adding an EV charging station to your Airbnb comes with a variety of benefits for your listing — from impressing your guests to bringing in extra revenue. Having a charging station can help your property to stand out in the competitive market and then some. 

Let’s go over the top 4 reasons why Airbnb hosts should install an electric vehicle charging station:

#1. Attract More Guests

For guests with electric vehicles, finding time to charge their car is a necessary part of their trip. When traveling, adding in stops for charging can be inconvenient and time-consuming. Not only do you have to find a place to charge but, in some cases, you may have to wait there for a couple of hours or more.

It makes a big difference for EV owners to be able to charge their car when they arrive at their Airbnb for the evening. Guests are already noticing that this would bring down their travel time and allow them to relax more as they get a full charge overnight. That’s why Airbnb has included the option to search for this feature.

EV chargers can be a deciding factor as guests plan their trip. Installing a charging station at your Airbnb is certain to attract more guests and help your listing stand out above the competition.  According to new Airbnb data, guests often filter their search results with their top 10 most desired amenities as they narrow down properties. 

Adding an EV charger to your listing is the only way that you will come up in their search. The more people that see your page, the more likely you are to get more guests. Adding amenities like this to your listing is an amazing way to get more views and guests. 

I only book houses with chargers. I live in an area with plenty, and travel to areas where they are rare. If a home doesn’t have a charger it adds significant travel/logistics/inconvenience to keep my car charged.

– EV Driver 

#2. Rent Out Your Charger with Peer-to-Peer Charging

It’s becoming more and more common for property owners to “rent” out their EV chargers through peer-to-peer sharing programs. Companies such as EVmatch allow for peer-to-peer charging networks. 

In these, anyone with EV chargers can publicly share their charge points and users pay a flat fee. Through companies like this, you can directly impact charging infrastructure while also receiving some extra income.

As an Airbnb owner, you can utilize peer-to-peer charging even during slow seasons. This provides an opportunity to make additional revenue by “renting” out your charger, even if no one is staying at your property. 

One host we spoke with on the topic had this to say about it: “I have actually had several people ask me if we have one or even an outdoor plug to bring their own.”

#3. Impress your Guests 

Impressed guests give good reviews, rent again, and advertise your listing through word of mouth. An EV charger is a step you can take to further impress your renters. Stand out as a high-tech host and leave an impression through the extra feature many other places don’t provide. 

In addition, hosts are likely to find that the added sustainability options are exciting for guests. By offering EV charging, you’re showing your commitment to helping the environment. As you attract more drivers to switching to EVs, you can reduce waste from gas-powered vehicles. 

This positive environmental impact is likely to bring in more guests and impress guests during their stay. Nothing brings in a customer like a well-written review!

“I only book places with one and those places are usually booked up.” – EV Driver

#4. Save Money

To pay for the extra electricity hosts can feel justified in raising their listing fees to make up for the extra costs. Alternatively, many prefer to keep their listing fees down and set up the charger so that guests can pay directly to use it. 

For this option, you should choose a charging station option capable of payment processing. This lets you set pricing, with the option to add a processing fee. Guests are then able to pay to have access to the charger.  

As an added bonus, EV chargers come with tax breaks depending on your location and often to increase your property value. This means that in pretty much any way you slice it, installation can be highly beneficial in the long term. 

“The tax breaks are GREAT! I have installed 2 so far.” – Host 


Charger installation varies wildly in its difficulty. Depending on the type of charger you choose, there are different processes for installation. Before this even comes into play, there’s a vast amount of chargers to chose from. 

With so many considerations it can feel like an uphill battle for homeowners interested in this step. Luckily, Narya is here to help. Our goal is to make the installation of your new EV charger as smooth and effortless as possible. 

Check out our comparison guide on EV chargers and book an installation directly from our website! We’re thrilled to help you compare chargers and find the best option that fits your needs. 

Visit our website to learn more and schedule your charger installation today. 

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