How to Become an EV Charging Station Installer

Becoming an EV charging station installer

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It’s important to evaluate all angles of the EV shift that’s upon us. The current goal to raise electric vehicle production to at least 50% of all vehicles made impacts large populations of people. According to the Economic Policy Institute, one effect of this is the displacement of around 75,000 jobs. 

While the advantages of replacing internal combustion engines far outweigh this concern, we will still have to address it. The truth is that innovation always displaces. The printing press made scribes irrelevant, air travel dramatically reduced train usage, and so on. 

While many find the fear warranted, it’s often misplaced. Each new item or process opens up avenues for employment for those interested parties who know what to look for.

One such job that is apparent is that of EV charging station contractors. With the new infrastructure bill, charging stations are about to be in high demand. Technicians and electrical contractors in the automotive and oil industries are well-equipped for installing these already.

Why Pursue this Career

Charging station installation is only going to grow with the explosion of EV drivers. Electric cars are growing more abundant every day. As they do, a system of fast charging stations as they traverse the nation is important.

Commercial EV charging contractors will find themselves in a burgeoning field with dramatic growth potential. As the charging network grows, their career will grow with it. 

Before You Apply

Before applying, a background in electrical work is extremely important. If you don’t already have a history of electrical contracting, the first step would be to get an internship in that field. There isn’t a large amount of nuanced information that contractors need to know. You should, however, have a general understanding of electrical work beforehand. 

Some states have their own certifications on the matter so make sure to research your area specifically.

EV Charging Station Companies

Once you have experience in electrical work, the easiest way to enter the industry is through established companies. These three companies are some of the opportunities available for charging station contractors:

Blink Charging

Blink Charging is one of the most well-known companies setting up charging stations today. As one of the fastest-growing options, they are a great place to check out. Through their reseller program, contractors can start a new business or add a new revenue stream to their existing one. 

They offer training for sales and installation as well as client-facing resources and more. Resellers can delight in Blink being the only commercial solution with a level 2, 80 amp charger on the market. 


Qmerit calls the electricians who are taking part in the EV transformation “Electrification Experts.” They have a large network of them across the United States in Canada and offer great incentives for joining. These include business coaching, a pipeline of customers, and more.

On their website, they also offer a free guide for anyone interested in growing with this lucrative market!


Chargepoint offers an installation training program consisting of a series of online courses. Those who complete their training will receive a certificate to that effect and be certified to install ChargePoint charging stations.

Other Points of Entry

There is plenty of local electric vehicle charging companies as well as national brands. As a relatively new field, there is still plenty of room for newcomers as well. Electricians who are well-versed in the field will likely find the knowledge easy enough to find. 

While many of the options for this field include exclusively working on these installations, it doesn’t have to be that way. Many of the companies we mentioned above work just as well as a side-hustle for your current business. As such, many operate as electricians or construction companies with the added benefit of being able to provide these.

Doing so gives an added advantage to your business and allows it to stand out from some of the others. Some companies (like Tesla) also allow established professionals to join the ranks as recommended technicians. Joining in on these programs provides a pipeline of business to your doorstep.


The EV revolution is already upon us. With the growth that is yet to come, it’s safe to say that this industry is set to be one of the most rapidly growing ones in the future. Jumping in now allows you to establish yourself early on as an authority on the matter.

If nothing else, electricians and contractors should make sure that they are learning these skills and getting these certifications. As time goes on, homes, businesses, and everything else are likely to require charging ports for the wave of the future.

When internal combustion engines first hit the market, nobody could have imagined the number of gas stations that would soon arrive. Now, imagine that everyone was able to fit a gas station in front of their business or their garage. 

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Becoming an EV charging station installer

How to Become an EV Charging Station Installer

It’s important to evaluate all angles of the EV shift that’s upon us. The current goal to raise electric vehicle production to at least 50%

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