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Narya Content Team

Leasing VS Buying an Electric Vehicle in 2022

Any car purchase is a big decision. Whether leasing or financing a car, the choice will follow you around for many years to come. Leasing options open up electric vehicles for many who may not have previously been able to afford the car.

Does that make it a better choice, though? Let’s look through each option and see whether it’s better to lease or buy an electric vehicle:

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Narya Content Team

Top 7 Impacts of Biden’s $5 Billion Plan for EV Charging

The new BiPartisan Infrastructure Bill includes $5b towards EV infrastructure. This marks the first time the government has taken any significant action on EV infrastructure.

There are many different focuses of this and different impacts on the industry and society as a whole. Below are the 7 biggest impacts of the update to EV infrastructure:

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