Major Car Brands that are Going Electric

Major Car Brands that are Going Electric

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As EVs continue growing in popularity, the electric vehicle supply chain is gearing up for full force ahead. Whether you’re looking at electric off-road vehicles, sports cars, or standard cars, the options are multiplying by the day.

Here are some of the major car companies with plans to significantly invest in electric in the coming years:

Luxury and Sports Cars Going Electric

Long gone are the days of muscle cars with 5 miles to the gallon. Today, people expect even their sports cars to be efficient on the road. As a result, many luxury and sports car companies have started or announced plans to make the switch to electric. Here are some of the most popular companies to do so:


Jaguar plans on exclusively producing electric vehicles by 2025. The I-Pace is currently their only electric vehicle but they plan on all jaguars and at least 60% of Land Rovers on sale to be zero-emissions by 2030.


Bentley intends to make gradual moves towards electric, starting first with some hybrid options. By 2030, the company plans to have switched entirely over to electric.


The Audi E-Tron is one of the main competitors of Tesla. They currently have few electric cars available but they intend to change that over the next 10-15 years.


Porche announced in March that they plan on hitting over 80% electric vehicle options by 2030. This would include hybrid options though their first EV was fully electric so it may lean more towards that way.

Other Types of Electric Vehicles

While the fast cars above are exciting, they don’t represent the vast majority of vehicles on the road. For the EV movement to really take off, it must include vehicles that all social classes can afford. It has to be enticing to all citizens, not just one subsection of them.

Below is a list of some of the more commonly purchased vehicles that have big plans in electric:


Hyundai electric vehicles have made a splash with the Hyundai IonIQ – one of the more popular electric vehicles on the market. The most recent version – the Ioniq 5 – represents a reboot for the brand towards a futuristic SUV. MSRP is at just $39,700 for this vehicle.

General Motors

General Motors has a reputation as America’s car company with its many different car brands. Between the Chevy, Cadillac, GMC, and more, there are a lot of different routes for them to take. The only current GM electric vehicle is the Chevy Bolt but they have announced plans for 30 new EVs by 2035 and to go carbon neutral by 2040. 

This announcement made waves as they are likely to set a tone for many other American car brands.

Mini Cooper

While BMW has not officially announced an electric vehicle roadmap, all of their Mini Coopers are going down that route. They aim to be fully plug-in by 2030 and they’ve already begun with the Mini Cooper SE electric option.


The Chinese-owned Swedish carmaker announced plans on Twitter to change to an all-electric focus. Their current plan on timing is to be all electric by 2030.


Volkswagen once had one of the most ambitious goals of all. They announced in 2018 to eliminate combustion engines in 2026, producing their last combustion engine that year. In 2022, they updated their goal to a more manageable 55% of US cars being fully electric. 

While the decrease is disappointing, their initial goal was quite lofty. Not to mention that they excited the whole nation on electric vehicles in 2017 when they announced an electric VW bus in a Superbowl commercial.

This, too, faced delays but the Volkswagen ID. Buzz is finally looking real!


Toyota pledged an end to combustion engine production by 2040 at the 2017 Toyota Motor Show. The Prius has already defined the hybrid industry and Toyota has shown a lot of exciting options since then. From sporty Lexus electric vehicles to Hybrid RAV3, Corolla, and Camry models, Toyota is definitely moving in the right direction.

By 2025, they’re anticipating 70 new electric models from all of their brands. This does include hybrids but results in cars, SUVs, and more flooding the market in affordable and exciting ways.


The EV movement is well underway. As more and more brands announce electric vehicle options, purchasing one enters the realm of possibility for increasing numbers of people. If there is to be an all-electric future in the car industry, it has to include the current players as well as new ones.

While Tesla and other companies that focus solely on electric cars are great for pushing things forward, some people are emotionally attached to their brand. Creating electric options in the brands people already know and love will only improve the acceptance of EVs.

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